Bodega Matarromera

Case history: Bodega Matarromera Brand Emina


Increase brand awareness for the 20-35 target audience, through a series of content that captures young people’s attention and speaks their language.


We produced a series of ten videos about the brand values and the different types of Emina wine and described them through the drawings of a talented hipster artist.


The videos begin with a close up of the product and with the artist pouring wine on a white canvas, after tasting it and being inspired by its taste.

Then there is a timelapse of the realisation of the art piece and it ends with the writing of the hashtag that names the entire campaign: Inhale with Emina.

Each video/drawing corresponds to a month of the year and for each of them there is a tailored claim, an ad-hoc creativity and aesthetic.

More Videos Bodega

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