Case history: Enel


Enel had a two-fold request: on the one hand the brand had a desire to create more content for their millennial target audience, gaining a “smarter” positioning, on the other hand they needed to convey a commercial offer on gas supply.

Note: The entire project was designed together with Mindshare, the media centre of Enel.


We presented Enel with a strategy consisting of a series of editorial videos that dealt with issues close to innovation and green mentality, areas relevant to the brand and particularly appreciated by users. The content would then be posted on Enel’s Facebook page.

As for the distribution of the commercial offer, we opted for an original and amusing approach, which could connect with both television and digital campaigns. The developed strategy was based on an editorial phase of teasing and a commercial retargeting stage.

The format proposed is a mockumentary, an editorial video that tells a fictitious story, but at the same time is entirely plausible.

The topic of the mockumentary was based on the history of the Infraboot, a combination of a flip-flop and a moon boot, created by mysterious Japanese designer, Nakamoto. The footwear, also worn by famous people and influencers, was painted as a brilliant invention capable of causing fashion faux pas. Obviously they weren’t real, but the high quality of the video, combined with the testimonials and the Japanese designer, created viewer conviction that the product really existed.


Editorial plan

Following the first part of the brief, we created and organically distributed six videos (through community activation). The videos were made purposefully to incorporate all the elements that would drive them to go viral on social media. 

In addition to interesting stories, some technical and form-based precautions were adopted to improve performance. For example, the final videos were square-sized to optimise desktop and mobile viewing, and they had large captions that made them accessible even without volume.

The first three videos were distributed without any commercial tail, while the other three featured a frame with the brand logo in the final part.

The videos have achieved excellent results both in terms of views and engagement, and is by far the most successful content of the brand to date.

Mockumentary – Commercial Campaign

The first phase, teasing, required a totally unbranded distribution of the mockumentary, through third party pages not connected to Enel. For this phase we activated two very famous communities with great followings, TrovaModa and Commenti Memorabili. TrovaModa allowed us to position the video to target “experts” and enthusiasts, while the activation of Commenti Memorabili guaranteed us a high level of engagement and visibility.

In the second phase, revealing, through retargeting on Facebook, the users who had seen the video in the unbranded phase were intercepted, revealing the brand and the playful/commercial purposes of the initiative.

In the retargeting phase, in order to create a connection with the television and digital campaign, we used some content created with Ale Cattelan, supporter of the brand and protagonist of the commercials for the “Gas -20%” offer.

In support of the Infraboot campaign, influencer marketing activity was proposed, in which they would wear the product, documenting everything on their social channels. Furthermore, a fake e-commerce was created in which users could buy Infraboots, if only they had not always been sold out!



1,1 mln


3 mln


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