Case history: Iberdrola Video Eco hacks


Communicating the core values ​​of “green energy” and “energy saving” through engaging content that the general public can relate to.


Make a series of hack videos, or eco-hacks, in which a young maker shows how to convert a used light bulb into everyday objects or small design pieces.


All the videos in the series have the same structure: the young maker has a stroke of genius, highlighted by an animated light bulb, on how to convert the used object into something reusable.

Afterwards, all the elements necessary for the making of the project appear according to the classic DIY scheme, followed by a timelapse of the main steps to transform the lightbulb into the new object. 

Some of the objects created were: a salt shaker, a moka pot made up of two used light bulbs, a vase… 

The videos have achieved excellent results in terms of engagement on Iberdrola’s social media pages.

More Videos Iberdrola

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