Seagram’s gin

Case history: Seagram’s gin


Recount the preparation of eight famous gin-based cocktails through a series of videos destined to be enjoyed on their website and viralised on the social pages of Seagram’s.


Break free from the standard video tutorials with an actor/barman and opt for a dynamic format, with a high visual impact, capable of attracting the attention of users.


We released a series of videos in which the technique of still life is revisited in a dynamic way, using close-ups to show all the elements in detail.

In the eight video recipes there is the illusion that the ingredients come to life and interact with one another. The background is neutral, a dark colour, in order to bring out the elements and at the same time to give the images a sense of elegance and a premium quality.

The 1960s New York style of music and the retro aesthetic of the closing animation are consistent with the look and feel of the Seagram’s brand in the Spanish market.

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