Case history: Skoda Candid camera - Bla Bla Car


Enhance the co-branding between Skoda and Bla Bla Car through branded content that highlights the main features of the car sharing app and the Skoda Kodiaq SUV.


We set up a fake candid camera orchestrated by the driver and his accomplices for his three unsuspecting passengers.

After the usual greeting and starting a normal “car conversation”, the driver and his accomplices begin to sing and play the song Black Velvet, used in the international TV commercial.

After an initial phase of embarrassment, the reactions of the three victims differ from one another, generating the typical comic effect of candid cameras.

On the official Skoda Spain Facebook page alone the video generated over 300,000 organic views and 1,000,000 total views.

In addition to shooting in the car, external details of the car were made in full HD, to give maximum visibility to the product in its natural context of use.